RFIDTech Clothing


Our latest travel gear features RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology - giving you defence from digital pickpockets. The hidden, washable RFID pockets provide built-in protection to keep your passport and credit card info safe from digital theft. The range also features Polygience® odour control finish, so you can wash less when you're on the road.

Travel with peace of mind in RFIDtech travel gear.

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  1. RFIDtech Women’s Dress
    Now $60.00
  2. RFIDtech Women’s Dress
    Now $79.98
  3. RFIDtech Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt
    Now $63.99
  4. Federate RFIDtech Men’s Pants
    Now $71.99
  5. Federate RFIDtech Women’s Trousers
    Now $60.00