L-TRA Travel Range

Adapt to urban environments in our premium, engineered travel gear – the L-TRA Collection.
Expect technical outdoor materials, tailored for discovering metropolitan areas. From the organised chaos of Taipei to the volcanic landscape of Auckland,
L-TRA’s discreet travel elements blend in to your city environment.

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  1. L-TRA Scarf
    Now $64.99
  2. L-TRA Men’s Shorts
    Now $74.99
  3. L-TRA Women’s Shorts
    Now $74.99
  4. L-TRA Pack
    Now $124.98
  5. L-TRA Men’s Rain Coat
    Now $349.99
  6. L-TRA Women’s Rain Coat
    Now $349.99
  7. L-TRA Men’s Hybrid Down Jacket
    L-TRA Men’s Hybrid Down Jacket