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The warmer months are here. Camping sites call us, beaches beckon, and fun is in the air. With the wide-open road awaiting, Sharmali Kulatunga and her friends were quick to head off on their next summer adventure. “We’re really lucky to have so many idyllic spots right on our doorstep, says Sharmy. “Oceans, the bush, mountains...there’s endless experiences to have. The group chat’s been on fire with plans and places to go the past few months. It’s been a while…this was the trip we all needed.”


Join Sharmali and her friends on their next stop on the road to adventure. And a word of warning: You’ll be planning a road trip with your pals the minute this clip ends.


Where will your road to adventure take you?



Meet Sharmali

Sharmali Kulatunga lives for adventure in the Great Outdoors. The globe-trotting Sydneysider has scaled peaks and surfed waves at many far-flung destinations but knows you don’t always need to go far to get your kicks. When the weather heats up, she knows it’s time for adventures close to home. “Summer’s always been about camping and adventures to me,” says Sharmy. “From those early family holidays, to road tripping with friends as soon as we could drive.

“As I’ve matured, adventure and getting away have become important to me for different reasons. To truly connect with ourselves and our friends we need to disconnect from modern day life. Immersing yourself in nature is so important to our well-being, to relax and recharge. Just being fully present in the wild - it energises you.”



" A small trip can have a huge
impact on your happiness.

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