The benefits of driMOTION

It’s super comfortable and took the sweat away. driMOTION got me through training in Hong Kong’s humidity and the heat of working out at home.

Sam Thompson, Summit Club member and Adventure Sponsorship recipient

Feel as dry as you started in driMOTION

driMOTION is the technology that keeps you dry and comfortable with enhanced stretch and mobility.

driMOTION fabrics blend technical fibres and finishes, giving effective moisture management and enhanced stretch and mobility. We’ve researched the best material combinations to make sure our gear delivers the best results every time you train. The high-performance fabrics are tested by athletes and Summit Club members, ensuring that driMOTION keeps you cool and comfortable when the heat is on.

Woman stretching in Hong KongWoman stretching in Hong Kong

The perfect training buddy

driMOTION fabrics move sweat away from your skin and allow you to breathe. This level of moisture management is made even easier on your body with strategic seam placements, stitch types and stretch panels. It’s engineered for you to be as comfortable as possible.

Moisture management

driMOTION fabrics wick away moisture and sweat fast, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Man working out in driMOTION gearMan working out in driMOTION gear

Quick drying

driMOTION fabrics dry much faster than cotton and regular active gear.

Made to help you move

driMOTION fabrics move with you, either with stretch fabrics or stretch panels in the places that need them.

This spring we’re launching even more active gear to the driMOTION range. With a full range of tops, bottoms and socks there’s gear to keep you dry in whatever routine that keeps you active.

Sustainably sourced materials

We partner with the Better Cotton Initiative to create a brighter future for cotton and the people whose livelihoods depend on it. Read more about our Sustainable Cotton initiatives here