C3 ADAPT harness

Our adjustable, ergonomically fitted Configure3 ADAPT harness is engineered for the ultimate in long distance carrying comfort. More than eight years of research and development went into designing the C3 ADAPT’s adjustable speed fitting system.

benefits of c3 harness

Which size?

Have a friend measure from your C7 vertebra (the prominent bone at the base of your neck) down to the small of your back, level with the top of your hipbones. Use the table below to determine the correct harness size:

  • 38cm - 51cm - womensFIT
  • 45cm - 58cm - Regular fit

The regular fit C3 ADAPT has been designed to fit most adult males and the womensFIT has been designed to fit most adult females. With 13cm of back length adjustment in each, these two fits offer a wide range of sizing options. Everybody’s shape is unique, so be sure to try the pack on in-store or to measure your back length before buying online.

Speed fitting

Our C3 ADAPT Harness is designed to be quick and easy to adjust by yourself. Getting it right the first time takes a bit of time, but the result is worth it. When your pack is fitting properly, the load will be transferred to your hips.

There are eight fitting points to help you get the perfect fit.

  • Top stabiliser straps
  • Top stabiliser adjustment
  • Back length locking strap
  • Sternum strap adjustment
  • Back length adjustment
  • Hip-belt stabilisers
  • Hip-belt buckle
  • Hip-belt adjustment (inside each pocket)

Trail test

We recommend you take the pack for a good long walk, loaded with the things you are expecting to carry. If the pack is not correctly adjusted, it could take up to an hour for discomfort to become apparent. It’s far better to fine tune your pack close to home than when you’re two or three hours into your next adventure!

If the pack still isn’t comfortable, take it into a Kathmandu store where our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

How to adjust our premium C3 Adapt Harness for maximum comfort and load-carrying experience on your next adventure.

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