10 Gifts That Give Back

Designed with people and planet in mind, each one of these ethical gifts supports a worthwhile cause. Choose to support a charity, provide a livelihood, or protect the planet.

1) The Himalayan Monal

We’ve taken the vibrant colours of the Himalayan Monal (Nepal’s national bird) and created a beautiful Christmas keepsake. For every sale, we’ll donate 100% of proceeds to the Himalayan Trust.

In Nepal, literacy levels remain low — preventing too many bright, keen and deserving young people from fulfilling their potential. By purchasing a Himalayan Monal this Christmas, you can help kids access story books, literacy tools and a passionate teacher’s network.

The Himalayan MonalThe Himalayan Monal
The Himalayan Monal

Each decoration is also handmade by talented artisans in Nepal. Available in-store or online, the Himalayan Monal will be at home on your Christmas tree or in a stocking near you.

2) Goal Zero Crush Light

These nifty lights fold flat, making them ideal for a bunch of adventures like multi-day hiking, biking and camping. And for every 10 lights sold, we donate one Crush Light to help support communities in Nepal.

In remote areas, the only form of light is a wood-burning fire. The Crush Light can make an enormous difference as a reliable light source — enabling students to do their homework in the evenings.

Goal Zero Crush LightGoal Zero Crush Light
Goal Zero Crush Light

A solar-powered, collapsible lantern, Crush Light can last for up to 30 hours, charges three ways and has three light settings. Buy it online or in selected stores.

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3) The Artist Series Tee

Behind every ‘Artist Series’ tee is a passionate local artist. And on the front on every tee is an exclusive one-off design. The current tees feature work from renowned Christchurch graffiti artist, Wongi Wilson, and award-winning Nepalese artist, Shraddha Shrestha.

But it’s more than just a creative tee. For every shirt sold, we’ll donate $5 to the Himalayan Trust to support their work with young people — including art therapy camps.

Dan wears the Artist Series teeDan wears the Artist Series tee
Dan wears the Artist Series tee

Featuring a recycled cotton blend, the Artist Series tee is also soft, comfortable and designed with sustainability in mind – the perfect gift for those who care about a lot.

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4) Traveler by TOMS

At the heart of TOMS iconic footwear is their one-for-one model — for every pair sold, they donate a pair of shoes for someone in need.

To make a bigger impact, TOMS branched out with a stylish, functional range of sunglasses. In partnership with local NGOs and not-for-profits, they’ve helped restore sight to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Traveler by TOMSTraveler by TOMS
Traveler by TOMS

Packed full of features, TOMS sunglasses are perfect for travelling, camping or everyday. Help restore eyesight to someone in need and give a practical gift to someone you love.

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5) The Khusi beanie

Handmade in Nepal, each Khusi beanie is strong, warm and unique. It provides women in the factory knitting circle with a unique opportunity too — the chance to earn their own income.

In Nepalese, ‘Khusi’ means happy, and it’s easy to see why. The Khusi helps women like Sapana gain access to better opportunities and assert their own independence.

The Khusi beanieThe Khusi beanie
The Khusi beanie

Now available in a range of colours and styles, the Khusi beanie will make someone feel warm inside and out.

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6) Oboz Hiking Shoes

For Oboz, it’s pretty simple. They love the outdoors, and they want to protect it. Since day one, Oboz have planted a tree for every pair of shoes sold.

Together with their partner, Trees for the Future, they’ve planted an incredible two million trees. These efforts have helped thousands of people become food secure, reforested 1200 acres of land, and sequestered more than 77,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Oboz Hiking ShoesOboz Hiking Shoes
Oboz Hiking Shoes

Committed to quality as they are sustainability, it takes 140 talented people to create just one pair of Oboz shoes. Get the perfect fit in-store or peruse the range online.

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7) An Earthcolours shirt

A few years ago, our designers set themselves a challenge: what’s the most sustainable piece of clothing they could make? And thanks to Archroma natural dyes, the Earthcolours hoodie was born. Since then, the Earthcolours range has expanded to shirts, shorts and pants.

Jacinta wears the Earthcolours shirt and pantsJacinta wears the Earthcolours shirt and pants
Jacinta wears the Earthcolours shirt and pants

Textile dyes based purely on raw materials from oil require a lot of energy, and generate a lot of waste. Incorporating more natural dye made from agricultural waste like nutshells, leaves and vegetables is one way to challenge the status quo. Give a unique gift — like a hoodie dyed from beetroots — and have less of an impact.

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8) Anything REPREVE

Polyester is the most in-demand fabric in the world. But with limited fossil fuels — and an ever-growing mountain of post-consumer plastic waste — it’s essential to start recycling. We’re diverting millions of plastic bottles from landfill and recycling them into our products instead.

Hannah wears the Adapt Reversible Dress, made with REPREVEHannah wears the Adapt Reversible Dress, made with REPREVE
Hannah wears the Adapt Reversible Dress, made with REPREVE

REPREVE is a recycled polyester made from plastic bottle flakes. These flakes are processed into workable fibres to create a variety of garments and bags. There are around 17 bottles in one backpack, 15 in a fleece jacket, and six bottles in one T-shirt. And it all adds up — thanks to our customers we recycled 6.7 million plastic bottles into our products in 2018.

These days you’ll find REPREVE across our range including luggage, bags, clothing and accessories. Help recycle plastic and gift a picnic coolerpacking cell or an adaptable travel dress.

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9) A Guppyfriend washing bag

Every time we wash our synthetic garments, we release plastic microfibres into the oceans. The GuppyFriend washing bag gives you the option to wash responsibly and dispose of the synthetic microfibres the right way.

Simply open it up, pop in any synthetic garments, and dispose of the plastic microfibres in the bin.

A Guppyfriend washing bagA Guppyfriend washing bag
A Guppyfriend washing bag

Help protect our precious marine ecosystems. Give the Guppyfriend to an eco-conscious friend, or buy one for your household as a gift to mother nature.

10) Hacky Sac

Everything 90s is cool again and we think that should include the humble hacky sac. Crocheted and brought to you by our partner ‘From the Mayan People to you’, these unassuming footbags are helping the indigenous Mayan population access a vital livelihood.

Handicrafts are a critical source of income for indigenous Guatemalan Mayans. The fair price they receive for their work is then put into sustaining their agriculture.

A a stocking stuffer, this retro favourite will keep the kids busy, test your coordination and inspire fierce competition at your next family BBQ.

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