The best rainwear for your activity

With the right rainwear, a bit of rain can add to your outdoor experience. But choosing the best rainwear is a competitive sport all on its own.

What material is the best? What other factors do I need to look out for? How do I ensure I don’t create my own personal sauna inside my jacket? We break it down here.

Rainwear for running

A quick run in warm summer rain is one of life’s little pleasures. But when you’re about to pound the pavement on a grim winter’s morning — or take on a marathon in stormy conditions — it’s time to consider proper protection.

Rain will make you cold, add extra weight to your clothing on race day, and up the ante on the chafe factor: all of which can slow you down. The best jacket for runners is one that manages the sweat on the inside while protecting you from the rain on the outside.

Key features to look out for in your jacket: waterproof, windproof, breathability, lightweight

Materials to look for: GORE-TEX, NGX, Pertex

Other features to consider:

  • A hood with good vision. Many running jackets feature a roll-away feature to keep it out the way when you don’t need it.
  • Pocket with a zip (to keep your key handy).
  • Reflective detailing to help keep you safe on the road.
The Zeolite Active JacketThe Zeolite Active Jacket
The Zeolite Active Jacket, the ultimate trail running waterproof shell in tough conditions

Our picks:

The Zeolite ShakeDry Jacket is top of the line stuff. It’s the lightest, most breathable GORE-TEX ever made. The exposed membrane means extremely breathable, with no wetting out. It also means it’s delicate and needs to be worn on its own with nothing on top. That’s because the Zeolite ShakeDry Jacket is made specifically for runners and is the perfect training garment.

For something a little tougher, the Zeolite Jacket ticks all the boxes. A super light jacket for travelling and adventure, it is a waterproof jacket, windproof and very breathable. The durability comes from the Pertex shell so you can still wear a pack on the outside, and underneath. Part of our pack&GO range, the Zeolite folds up into its own pocket which makes it the perfect lightweight waterproof jacket for travelling or running.