How to patch a down jacket

Repairing a down jacket does not require any major surgery, but simply some nimble fingers, patience and a down jacket patch to keep that precious down where it belongs: keeping you warm. 

What is in your down jacket repair kit? 

A down jacket repair kit contains a few precious items that you should carry with you if on a multi-day hike. You don't want to risk grit entering your jacket, making repairing a down jacket so much harder once you get back home. 

Your down jacket repair kit includes:

  • a tube of sealer and repair adhesive
  • a down jacket patch x 2
  • applicator brush
  • and an expert field repair guide
Other items to carry with you to make the job easier are alcohol swabs and small scissors. 

How to fix a hole in a down jacket

Repairing a down jacket is simple and won't take you long. If on a hike, don't wait hours until you have reached camp before applying your down jacket patch to the hole. You don't want grit to get inside the jacket, compromising how effective you are when repairing the down jacket. 

Here are the three steps to a solid down jacket repair job: 


Apply an alcohol swab to the tear/hole, cleaning it of any dust, dirt or grit. Make sure you apply the swab to a greater area than your down jacket patch size. If there are any long threads from the tear, use your scissors to trim these.


Cut your down jacket repair tape or down jacket patches to a suitable size, rounding the edges as you go.


Apply the tape or down jacket patch to the tear, covering carefully and working out any air bubbles as you apply pressure.

Hands sticking a down jacket patch on a jacketHands sticking a down jacket patch on a jacket

That's it! Easy. If you are on a hike and don't need your jacket, try not to wear it for 24 hours to let the adhesive on the down jacket patch do its magic.

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