How to fix a zipper

Broken zipper? Stuck out on the trail as the sun is setting and the temperature dropping with everyone on the team claiming a PhD in zipper repair? Step back, relax, breathe. You may not have a broken zipper, it might just be stuck, and with the following tips you will be rugged up and warm in no time. 

How to fix a zipper (without having a meltdown) 

Step away from your friends. They cannot help you now. No, ignore that particular friend who just said, "Mate, I know how to fix a zipper. I just need five minutes alone with it, a soldering iron and a strand of your hair." 

Get yourself in a calm space, do some meditation and gain control of your breathing. You are now prepped for some easy zipper care. 

What causes a broken zipper? 

Ever been chatting with a friend, casually done up the zipper on your jacket and realised that you have created some sort of cape, with the zipper attached up at your neck and the rest of the jacket flapping majestically in the wind? 

A broken zipper usually occurs after the zipper has had a long and rewarding life stitching together the teeth of your jacket, bag, tent name it. 

But fixing a zipper is a three-step process, so listen in: 


Grab a pair of pliers. If you are hiking, pliers are a must-have accessory that often fix a number of issues on the trail. 


Apply the pliers to the body of the zipper, either side of the bridge (the raised section of the zipper). This closes the zipper in on the teeth of your fly, allowing it to grab the teeth again like new. Don't force this process too quickly or too hard, just keep at it until the zipper reengages with the teeth. 

Pliers fixing a zipper