Have an adventure with Dad this Father’s Day

Some of your earliest memories are those spent with your dad – your first time on a playground; your first time adventuring into the mountains; your first experience swimming in the ocean.

It’s time to give back with the Father’s Day gift he always wanted.

Bring back the adventure

Don’t let your dad’s sense of adventure fall by the wayside – get him a Father’s Day gift that reconnects him with the outdoors and all the enjoyment that comes with it.

If your dad’s into his summer camping by a golden beach or a flowing river, and he relishes tackling the local trails and hikes, take a look through our extensive range of camping and hiking gear.

Whatever adventure he’s into, you’ll want him to stay warm during his next hike or retain body heat following a tough run. Our thermals and base layers will keep him in the game.

Give the gift of travel

One of the greatest gifts you can give your dad is the gift of travel. Help create some new memories for your dad by booking him a tour through our travel partners, Urban Adventures.

If he’s travel-mad and always looking forward to his next overseas adventure, check out our wide array of travel gear.

Create an experience

Make an event out of giving your dad his Father’s Day gift. Reenergise his adventurous spirit by taking him out for the day with some:

  • Fishing gear: to go boating and share hooking a few fish.
  • Skiing gear: to test out the new snow goggles you’ve just bought him.
  • Cycling gear: for a chance to get decked out in lycra.

Your dad will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with his new toys. Keep your dad warm and dry by finding him a jacket, coat or vest that will suit his favourite activities.

Focus on health

Wearing cheap or uncomfortable shoes can have a negative effect on health. Invest in your dad’s future by giving him some durable trail or walking shoes – bound to put a spring back in his step and improve his body movement.

Switch it up

Variety naturally gets phased out of life as you get older. Bring it back with a bang and keep your old man guessing with our interesting selection of Father’s Day gift ideas. Every adventure starts with an open mind so think outside the square and give him a gift he’ll least expect.

Stick with old faithful

If you’re really stumped about what dad would like for Father’s Day, you could use the old faithful approach and grab him some wool or thermal socks.

Alternatively, splash out on one of our Kathmandu e-gift cards. Let your dad decide for himself where his next adventure lies.

Make time for your dad

Father’s Day is a great time to reflect on all the awesome things your dad has done for you – it’s a day for spending time together. Regardless of your budget, commit to the spirit of the occasion by giving your dad a gift to remember – your time.

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