Find the perfect gift for him

Who’s the hardest person to find a Christmas gift for in your family? For many it tends to be a male, father figure – a dad, grandad, husband or partner.

Luckily, at Kathmandu we’re well prepared for this yearly dilemma. We’ve taken the time to sort out a selection of fantastic Aussie Christmas gift suggestions for your favourite bloke.

Put the earth first with this hoodie

If you’re looking for something that not only looks good on your chosen guy but also leaves little trace on the planet, our Earth Hooded Pullover is an inspired choice.

Each Earth Hoodie is literally a unique garment – no two are exactly alike. Plus you’ll be able to talk up some of its environmentally friendly features over Xmas dinner, such as:

  • Being dyed with fully traceable agricultural waste made up of nutshells, leaves and vegetables
  • Containing trims created from recycled plastic bottles
  • Supporting more responsibly grown cotton
The super comfy Earth Hoodie
The super comfy Earth Hoodie

A polished polo for your man

If your summer break is forecast to be too hot for a hoodie, check out the smart Batu Polo Shirt. Your partner or husband won’t be able to turn down a slick, honest polo – it’s sure to be worn on Christmas Day!

This regular fitting polo stands out as a shirt that:

  • Can be worn buttoned or unfastened
  • Is supporting more responsibly grown cotton
  • Features a ribbed collar and elongated back

Backyard cricket with mates, beach time with the kids, or relaxing with a book and a beer – whatever his favourite summer holiday trait is, he’ll be dressed in the Batu.

Sun, sea, surf – and sandals

Why stop with just the polo when our Ingott Travel Sandals will match up with it well this Christmas season. Ideal for summer travel adventures, these sandals will be the sturdy, cool footwear your dad or partner need.

Enjoying Xmas festivities just aren’t quite the same if you’re wearing shoes and socks – the humble sandal has a time and a place. Consider these great features the Ingott offers:

  • Durable soles with maximum traction
  • Waterproof and stain resistant leather
  • Optimum fit and support with hook-and-loop closures

Back in shape with post-Christmas cycling

After the Christmas turkey’s been devoured and celebratory drinks have gone down a treat, it’ll be time for your special man to get back into shape. Encourage biking by giving him the Mirage Cycle Pack as a present could be a masterstroke.

This pack is loaded with features like the Active Motion Air (AMA) harness for your family member’s mountain bike adventures. There’s also plenty of room for everything they’ll need on their full day missions, such as:

  • An accessible compartment for a hydration bladder
  • Pockets for a helmet and a bottle
  • A light loop and key clip
The Mirage Cycle Pack on an outdoor adventure
The Mirage Cycle Pack on an outdoor adventure

Travel and adventure in the new year

After the Christmas turkey’s been devoured and celebratory drinks have gone down a treat, it’ll be the perfect time to travel or head out on an adventure with your special man. The Shuttle Cargo hybrid pack and bag could be a masterstroke gift.

Relatively lightweight with 40 litres capacity, this adaptable bag has some stand out features, such as:

  • A three way harness
  • Dual compartments
  • Versatility as a shoulder bag, backpack or duffle bag
Your ideal travel bag - the Shuttle Cargo hybrid pack
Your ideal travel bag - the Shuttle Cargo hybrid pack

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