A Quest for Adventure

In honour of our new Quest tent, designed for two people on a mission, we asked some of our team to tell us why they love camping

Whether it’s taking some time out to relax and reset, heading off for the weekend with a group of friends or setting yourself a new challenge, camping is a part of life for so many Aussies and Kiwis.

Dorian, from our Hobart Salamanca store, has been a serious bushwalker and hiker for 25 years. Having done all of the major Tasmanian walks, as well as most of the iconic mainland Australia trails, Dorian has a wealth of experience in setting up for a successful multiday hike.

“On a multiday hike you have to compromise between space and weight,” explains Dorian.

“When trekking for more than five days every tenth of a kilogram in your pack adds up and starts to take its toll on you. This is where trekking with a partner really comes in handy, as you can break the tent into two packs and share the load.” Our Quest tent is ideal for this purpose, allowing you to easily break it into its separate components to fit between two packs.

Jodi from Woden describes herself as a car camper and is finding that she likes her creature comforts more and more these days. The Quest tent is compatible with Goal Zero solar panels, allowing Jodi to charge up her devices while she kicks back on her Roamer camp bed, which she says is easy to set up and means she doesn’t have to worry about getting cold at night.

“When I get a better night's sleep I have more energy for the next day's adventures!” says Jodi.

Daniel, Store Manager at Napier, likes heading out on his own, setting himself a challenge and conquering a goal. Heading out on solo tramps Daniel uses navigational skills learnt in the New Zealand army to explore isolated areas.

“I like to take the Bora tent out somewhere where I know very few people have been. To think it’s been hundreds of years since someone stood in the exact spot I am or if there has ever been anyone sleeping where I am now, in amongst the bush, in amongst nature is amazing.”

Despite their different camping styles Daniel, Jodie and Dorian agree that the peacefulness that comes with getting off the beaten track is a big attraction when choosing where to go on their next adventure.

“I love anywhere along the coast, particularly Shoalhaven and the Sapphire Coast” says Jodi.

Adds Dorian, “The main thing I love about camping is the sense of freedom when you’re away from the maddening crowd. Your mind becomes uncluttered and you begin to enjoy the beauty of what nature has to offer.”


We asked some of our staff who are seasoned campers: What’s the one thing you’d never go camping without?

“I would never leave for a camping trip without my Kathmandu Travel Wipes. I use them for anything and everything, they are so handy!”
Melissa, Warrnambool

“My 100lm lantern. It's so portable, gives fantastic light and can be used in a number of different ways! Great for cooking by and the late night sojourn.”
Isaac, Lyall Bay

“A rubber mallet for whacking in pegs. Apparently you’ll irritate a whole camp ground when you make a racket using a cast iron fry-pan as a hammer.”
Mat, Area Manager – Northern NZ

“The importance of a good tent is without measure. The comfort and safety of a good tent makes all the difference.”
Steven, Tea Tree

“A good blow up mattress. But remember to pack the plug so you don't have to drive back home to get it.”
Janene, Woden

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