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Sick of slamming down on hard concrete? Trail running offers softer ground that benefits your joints, a training ground to strengthen your legs, a natural environment to boost your immune system and mental health, a whole world of possibilities when it comes to running events and, thanks to our partners Salomon and Kathmandu, the opportunity to meet other passionate trail runners. 

People running on a trail in New Zealand
  • Kicks off every Thursday, 6pm in Adelaide, Melbourne and Christchurch. 
  • Professionally coached with different sessions focusing on different skills.
  • Explore incredible trails within your own city. 
  • Put trail running techniques into practice all over the city.
  • Meet other people who are passionate about trail running. 
  • Organised by our partners Salomon and Kathmandu.

Check out our upcoming events on our Facebook page and join our Facebook group for the latest run club updates.

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Meeting locations and times

Every Thursday evening at the following locations and times: 

Melbourne: Studley Park Boathouse, 1 Boathouse Rd, Kew, 6.00pm. View on Google Maps.

Christchurch: Victoria Park Carpark, 6.15pm. View on Google Maps.

Adelaide: Belair National Park, Railway Station entrance 6.30pm. View on Google Maps

Join our free running club

Read the Trail Blazers rules and terms here. 

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