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Adventure Sponsorship

Adventure Sponsorship

Kathmandu provides sponsorship in the form of equipment, clothing and other gear to help our Summit Club members achieve extraordinary feats.

Summit Club enabled me to pursue an adventure sponsorship – taking me to the most scenic places in the world.

Sam Thompson, Summit Club member since 2008

The Summit Club Adventure Sponsorship Program is open to all Summit Club members. If you're selected, we can provide outdoor clothing and equipment that directly assists on an adventure or project aligned with our purpose and core values.

Our core purpose is to inspire adventure in everyone. Our core values are integrity, openness and directness, passion and determination, resourcefulness, environmental action and love of travel and adventure.

We can provide support for the following types of adventures and projects:

  • Inspirational adventures that enable people to be active in the outdoors
  • Impactful, culturally engaging projects related to travel and adventure
  • Outcome-oriented projects contributing to environmental conservation.

Learn more about some of our previous recipients in Member Stories.

Please note, the program does not provide monetary sponsorship or products for auctions, raffles, prizes or giveaways related to fundraising initiatives.

Adventure Sponsorship Application (online form)

Application dates

Please note: we review applications on a quarterly basis.

Adventure start date Application deadline Recipients announced
February 1 to April 30 October 25 November
May 1 to July 31 January 25 February
August 1 to October 31 April 25 May
November 1 to January 31 July 25 August
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