Merino Wool Clothing

Merino is the world’s finest wool – it’s incredibly warm, super soft on the skin, and helps regulate body temperature, making it the perfect choice for thermal base layers. Our Merino is packed with high-performance benefits, making it one of your essential outdoor materials.
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  1. Flinders Men’s Hooded Jacket
    Now $169.98
  2. Flinders Women’s Hooded Jacket
    Now $169.98
  3. Core Spun Merino Blend Men’s Print Crew Top
    $50.00 - $79.98
  4. Core Spun Merino Blend Women’s Print Crew Top
    $40.00 - $79.98
  5. Core Spun Merino Blend Men’s Print V-Neck Top
    $50.00 - $79.98