Kathmandu teams up with VICE to take a series of famous urbanites on journeys of discovery into niche outdoor subcultures. These communities give our host and urbanite an insight into how good natural experiences and hobbies are, and how they can transform your mood, your day, even your whole life.

Out There


with Nick Littlemore

We would like to acknowledge that this was filmed on the traditional lands of Dharawal people of the Wodiwodi nation. We pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.

This episode was filmed responsibly and with respect for the land and the ecosystems that exist upon it.

Nick Littlemore

Front man of the psychedelic group PNAU, one half of electro pop sensation Empire of the Sun, creator of the Two leaves project, Nick Littlemore is one of Australia’s most unique artists. With music spanning from ambient nature inspired textures to explosive ecstatic pop music he is wildly diverse. With trippy visuals, elaborate costumes and a way with words Nick is your ultimate showman.

Diego Bonetto

Diego is like the mushrooms he is so fond of collecting. Exotic. Arriving from Northern Italy, Diego brought his love of foraging with him when he moved to Australia in the mid 90s. Since then the ‘Weedy One’ has become a leader in the foraging scene, spreading the culture and knowledge by leading groups out there to collect nature's bounty.

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