Black Friday

Black Friday returns to Kathmandu this year with a mountain of deals that is sure to get an adventurer’s heart pumping.
With both a Black Friday Online Sale and in-store specials to explore, it’s time to gear up for new heights, new destinations and new goals.

Just what is Black Friday?

 With a few conspiracy stories and some tweaking of the truth, Black Friday has a long and hazy history. The first known use of the phrase ‘Black Friday’ referred to a crash of the U.S. gold market in the 19th century, when two particularly shifty financiers on Wall Street tried to do some funny things with the price of gold. Since then, the phrase has been attributed to all sorts of tales, but it is now generally seen as a friendly nod to the days when businesses marked their losses in red ink and their profits in black.

When are Black Friday deals available?

 Sales traditionally take place after Thanksgiving Day in the United States.  Kathmandu will offer Black Friday specials also this year.
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Are the Black Friday deals the same online as they are in-store? 

Yes, you will find the same specials available online, making it as easy as a flick of your thumb to gear up for your next adventure. Head in to a store to meet our passionate team members who live and breathe travel and adventure. Tell them about your upcoming plans, learn a little about theirs, and get some handy advice on what gear is right for you.