Make a difference

Join a like-minded group of people who care about the environment

We’re driven by a love of the outdoors and a like to get together with our members that match our passion in keeping our communities green.

Last year we hosted eight conservation events in Australia and New Zealand. Together with our Summit Club members we collected 400 litres of litter from Motuihe Island. We also helped with planting, weeding, mulching, pest control and sand dune restoration across seven locations in Australia.

Help clean up our oceans and waterways

Help keep plastic and debris out of our oceans and waterways. Sign up to a conservation event in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth.

After the clean-up, we'll categorise all rubbish collected and load the data into the Australian Marine Debris Initiative database. The Tangaroa Blue Foundation uses the data gathered to help communities create ‘source reduction plans’. This means that we can try to address the cause of marine debris at the source and try to limit the amount of rubbish created in the first place.

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New events for 2019 coming soon