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How to care for GORE-TEX® footwear

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GORE-TEX® footwear is made to last and easy to take care of too. Follow our GORE-TEX® footwear care instructions to maintain and prolong its life and performance


Clean the exterior with a cloth or brush and lukewarm water. The manufacturer may recommend leather treatment or preservation. Shake out sand, gravel and dirt from inside the footwear. Remove and shake out the foot bed if applicable.


No chlorine bleach. It may damage your footwear.


Dry naturally at moderate temperatures. Avoid direct heat. Convection-style boot driers work well.

Water Repellent Treatment

We do not recommend the use of waterproofing waxes or greases as they can affect the footwear's breathability. Apply only treatments, polishes, conditioners and dressings recommended by the manufacturer.

Stain Removal

Follow the footwear manufacturer's instructions.

For more information visit the GORE-TEX® website GORE-TEX® website