Socks for hiking & traveling

Investing in some dependable hiking or travel shoes is only half the solution – you’ll also need a comfortable, ergonomic pair of socks to work with your chosen footwear. Whether you’re after hiking socks, travel socks or even merino socks, look no further.

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  1. driMOTION Three Pack Low Cut Socks
    Now $19.99
  2. Zeolite Ergonomic Run Socks
    Now $22.49
  3. NuYarn Ergonomic Hiking Socks
    Now $24.99
  4. driMOTION Two Pack Quarter Crew Socks
    Now $19.99
  5. MerinoLINK Federate Socks
    Now $22.49
  6. Ergonomic Light Hike Socks
    Now $22.49
  7. Merino NoShow Socks
    Now $14.99