1. Divide 2LTR Hydration Bladder

Divide 2LTR Hydration Bladder

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Two drinks in one

Why settle for one source of hydration when you can have two? The Divide 2L Hydration Bladder is an athlete’s dream, making it easy for you to refuel on the run. Compatible with our Zeolite Running Vest, you can fill one side of this bladder with water and the other with electrolytes or sports gels

Water Container Triple layer PE film with anti microbial agent
Elastic Hose:Co-extruded PVC tube
Valve & closure:PP; PE & POM injected plastic parts
Mouthpiece Silicon

Weight 260g

  • Water and isotonic drink in one bladder – flexible compartment sizes so you can split the capacity to meet your needs
  • Silicone bite valve mouthpiece to prevent dripping under pressure or after prolonged use
  • GrungeGuard™ – antimicrobial agent that deters bacterial growth
  • Each compartment has a colour-coded tube so you’ll know what you’re drinking
  • Glass-Like™ technology – prevents biofilm build up, creating a self-cleaning system
  • Easy to clean and fills quickly without giving a plastic aftertaste

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