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Backpacker Stove Titanium

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Quick Overview

Ultra-lightweight and compact the Titanium Backpacker Stove is invaluable when trekking. This robust, high output stove works with Gasmate screw type canisters to boil one litre of water in around three minutes at sea level, thanks to clever design features like its large stove head and straight fire design. This stove is easy to control, even while wearing winter gloves. Whether you’re a gourmet back-country cook or prefer instant noodles, the Titanium Backpacker Stove will have your meal ready to eat in no time.

Gas consumption
16.6g per minute on high
199.2g per hour

Load Capacity 2.5kg

Boils a litre of water in 3.5 mins - however please note that performance will vary dependant on ambient water temperature, atmospheric temperature, your position above or at sea level, and cookware used.

Dimensions when folded
55mm W x 75mm H x 32mm D

Weight 50g

Please read instructions carefully before use. Use with Gasmate screw type canisters B-Can4 and B-Can5.

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Full flame lightweight precision wire controller can be used with gloves or mitts
  • Folds in canvas carry case (included)
  • Australia Gas Association (AGA) approved
  • High output 9,516BTU, 3.5KW

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