Kathmandu Employee Values

Kathmandu is an inspirational iconic brand synonymous with adventure, innovation and passion. Our core purpose is to ‘inspire and equip the adventurer in everyone’.

At Kathmandu we see our team as integral to our business, and endeavour to provide opportunities for our employees to develop skills, bring their whole selves to work, and live the life they dream. When you work at Kathmandu you can be proud of working for a team that does the right thing. We encourage you to learn about our B Corp status and what times means to us.

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Support Offices

Kathmandu has two Support Offices across Australia and New Zealand.

Our New Zealand Support Office is based in the Christchurch CBD and is where all our products are dreamt up and designed by our equipment/apparel designers & merchandisers. This also houses the support departments such as Supply Chain, Finance, Operations, Information Services, Marketing, Online, Human Resources, Visual Merchandising, and Customer Services.

Our Australian Support Office is based in South Melbourne and is home to a range of support departments including Operations, Business Development, Sustainability, Marketing, Human Resources, Store Development, Visual Merchandising, and Information Services.

At Kathmandu we are committed to providing our Support Office Team Members with a dynamic, high trust, team oriented, high-performance working environment. We understand the importance of maintaining a balance between work, life and personal needs. We support flexible working arrangements, which enable team members to have their own adventures outside of work and spend time with family and friends.

We believe our team are the best in the world at what we do. This means continually learning and developing. Team members in our support offices have access to a wide range of professional and personal development opportunities, including role- specific specialised technical training, and our Kathmandu capability curriculum of professional skills development. In addition to an internal mentor program, we offer support to team members pursuing formal qualifications, and participate in a variety of industry organisations. Every team member has an Individual Development Plan to support progression to their goals.

Retail Stores

Our stores roles include Managers, Assistant Managers, 3IC’s and Sales Advisors. At Kathmandu we believe in recognising the strengths in our team and developing team members to take on more senior roles within the business, hence building on their retail career. Some of our longest servicing team members, now in senior roles in the business, began their Kathmandu journey in one of our stores or distribution centres. Several newly created positions over the past few years have ensured we are adapting to an ever-changing retail environment and giving our team the best chance at personal development.

We offer an extensive training program to our retail teams to give them the skills and knowledge required for success. All team members complete a comprehensive induction program structured over their first three months in the business. Through a blended learning framework that includes online content, video based learning, in-store practical activities, structured coaching, and both group and individual learning, we equip our teams with both product and operational knowledge, and brand and cultural values to start their Kathmandu journey with confidence.

At Kathmandu we believe that learning should never stop. After completing induction, team members have ongoing learning activities throughout the year, through a variety of methods including online and in store training activities. We invest in our management teams so they can provide effective coaching to their teams, and all team members will have an Individual Development Plan to guide their learning direction. We also offer qualification pathways including Kathmandu internal certification programs.

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Our Team

For us, adventure is individually defined. It may be that moment of escape as you leave the office for a weekend of back country hiking. Packing up the family and car for a holiday along the coast. Seeing those hard-earned savings turn into an around the world ticket to destinations unexplored and fitting your essential world into a backpack. Finding a weekend when everyone is free to play, sleeping under the stars, reaching the summit, or simply making time for friends. Visiting a new town or city and searching out the best local eatery.

Whatever travel and adventure means to you, it’s about getting out there and having fun, and the experience you gain doing so. At Kathmandu we value and encourage the diversity of experience that our teams bring to our brand.

The Kathmandu team is made up of a diverse and talented group of people who have shared passions and values, but who each bring their own valuable experience and perspective. It is important to us that we recognise and celebrate our diversity, because it is our diversity that makes us better. We believe adventure is for everyone, and so we have a culture of inclusivity that includes creating accessible workplaces and roles for people with physical challenges, and is a safe place for all of our team members to bring their whole selves to work. Our teams are made up of almost 100 different nationalities and together we speak over 60 languages. There is a place for everybody at Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is a Rainbow Tick accredited employer - our workplace embraces all our diversity, including creating a safe and supportive environment for members of the rainbow community.

While Kathmandu have a global mind-set, we are also immensely proud of our heritage, encouraging team members to be involved in cultural activities and celebrations throughout the year.