Tents & Shelters


Thinking back to your childhood, there was rarely a more fun time than summer holidays camping at your parents’ favourite family campground. It was a joyous time – hanging out in a beach shelter, playing cards in your tent, or jumping in and out of the sea.

It’s time to pass those memorable experiences onto your kids by investing in a camping tent and getting them out there interacting with nature.

A tent or a shelter?

Depending on the kind of experience you want your family to have, Kathmandu has the camping shelter or tent you’re after.

If you want to take your family away on a more traditional camping holiday for a week or two over summer break, we have a range of tents that can accommodate three to seven people (not to mention, one and two person tents for solo or couple camping adventures).

A multiday New Zealand or Australian camping vacation would usually involve a tent that can stand up to bad weather and offer comfort and space.

However, if you’re only planning on the odd night away out in the bush, you might prefer to purchase a camping shelter to give your family a more rugged, natural experience in the outdoors.

Indoor protection or outdoor flow?

Taking your family away for a camping experience can be a wild and wonderful occasion, particularly if you only decide to set up a shelter in the Australian bush or New Zealand wilderness. By utilising a shelter, you’ll be open to nature entering your sleeping space.

Camping in a tent with a groundsheet will give you and your family that extra protection from the weather, dew and roving wildlife during the night.

However you prefer to interact with the outdoors, at Kathmandu we have a variety of camping tents and shelters – including the one that fits your ideal camping break.