Trailhead Hiking Range

Explore the traditions of the trail in our toughest, all-round hiking gear – the Trailhead Collection
You can expect lightweight, breathable and quick drying garments for your most-loved day hikes. From Hawaii’s epic Kalalau Trail to New Zealand’s unique Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Trailhead’s rugged core pieces like fleece are simply essential.

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  1. Trailhead Men’s Rain Pants
    Now $129.98
  2. Trailhead Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt
    Now $64.99
  3. Trailhead Women's Short Sleeve Shirt
    Now $59.99
  4. Trailhead Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt
    Now $64.99
  5. Trailhead Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt
    Now $59.99
  6. Trailhead Women’s Rain Pants
    Now $129.98
  7. Trailhead Men’s Rain Jacket
    Now $169.98