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10 winter essentials that will actually keep you warm

KMD Winter2017 RT BANNER

Form, function, packed with travel features. Our list of winter essentials will keep you warm whether you’re on the footpath or the cliff face.

1) A Fleece Jacket

It’s cold, and getting up is hard to do. But you can keep that warm bed feeling at all times with a fleece jacket. Stay extra snuggly with a high pile fleece, or choose a durable, wind-resistant jacket for all your outdoor adventures.

KMD Winter17 NZ Product RT BAFFIN FLEECE v2
Goodwin wears the high-pile Baffin Island fleece

For every day: Baffin Island Jacket | Travel: Expedite Fleece Jacket
Outdoor Adventures: XT Surna Jacket

2) A Down Vest

Otherwise known as the puffer jacket, this versatile vest adds another layer of protection and will warm you to the core. This compressible, lightweight layer is also an excellent travel companion.

For every day: Duck Down Vest | Travel: Heli Down Vest
Outdoor Adventures: Duck Down Vest

3) A Beanie

With beanies available in lambswool, fleece and comfy wool blends — you’ll protect your ears from the winter chill — and your head will get the hug it deserves.

KMD Winter2017 RT 6571 KHUSI v2
Ben wears the hand-knitted Khusi beanie

For every day: Khusi beanie | Travel: Reversible Beanie
Outdoor Adventures: Vectron beanie

4) The thermals

Thermals, woollens, long johns. Whatever you call them, thermal underwear is designed to give you next-to-skin comfort — whether you’re in a sleeping bag or in the office.

KMD Autumn 2017 6905 resized
Bruno wears the Polypro raglan long sleeve top

For every day: Polypro thermals | Travel: Divide Merino
Outdoor Adventures: XT Alziro top & long johns

5) A pair of gloves

Gloves are a welcome addition to any outdoor kit, and an important one if you’re heading to the snow. Make the most of those opposable thumbs and find the right pair for your activity.

KMD W16 PAT Day04 0251 GLOVES resized
Tayla wears the Advection GORE gloves

For every day: Merino Unisex Gloves | Travel: Advection GORE Gloves
Outdoor Adventures: XT Alpine GORE-TEX Gloves

6) The Hoodie

Trendy enough to layer under a coat, soft enough to lounge on the couch. This comfy winter staple has earned its place in your wardrobe and in the backpacks of travellers everywhere.

KMD Winter17 NZ Product RT FLAXMERE resized 1000x667
Jo wears the Flaxmere longline fleece jacket

For every day: Flaxmere Longline Fleece jacket
Travel: The Federate Urban Travel Jacket
Outdoor Adventures: DriMotion hoody

7) A Scarf

Functional. Adaptable. Kind of spiffy. The right scarf will add another layer of warmth to keep you extra cosy — with some added style.

KMD Winter2017 RT 4437 LOOPSCARF v2
Lache wears the extra-wide knitted loop scarf

For every day: Knitted Loop Scarf | Travel: Adapt scarf
Outdoor Adventures: the Headtube

8) The water-resistant pants

Say farewell to skirts and shorts, but a big hello to toasty pins. Invest in pants with a water-resistant finish so light rain doesn’t slow you down.

KMD Autumn 2017 0986 1 FEDERATE PANTS resized
Lache wears the Federate pants

For every day: Federate Pants | Travel: Flight Pants
Outdoor Adventures: XT Verso Pants

9) A rain jacket

First rule of staying warm: don’t get wet. You need a no-nonsense, waterproof jacket to protect you from the elements whether you're commuting, travelling, or hiking in the rain.

KMD Autumn 2017 4971 EXPEDITE resized 1000x667
Bruno wears the Expedite NGX Coat

For every day: Expedite NGX Coat | Travel: Benmore 5-in-1 Jacket
Outdoor Adventures: XT Alopex GORE-TEX Jacket

10) The down jacket

Down is one of nature’s best insulators, and with more than one million down jackets sold, you know you can expect exceptional warmth. It’s the jacket you’ll reach for every day this winter.

KMD Winter2017 RT 6566 EPIQ v2
Ben wears the best-selling Epiq hooded down jacket

For every day: Epiq down jacket | Travel: Yatra down jacket
Outdoor Adventures: XT Ultralight down jacket

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