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Go Camping, Go Anywhere

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This summer at Kathmandu, we’re all about camping. It's the ultimate, back-to-nature experience. Sure, setting up the perfect campsite takes practice, but everything is that bit easier when you've got all hands on deck - and you can divide and conquer.


There isn't much to organising a weekend at one with nature, but here a couple golden tips to get you on your way:

  • If you're using gear for the first time, test it out before you set off on your camping trip. Set your new tent up in the backyard so there are no surprises.
  • If you're heading to a new camping spot, give yourself plenty of time to do some research on the area. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way.
Tayla Camping Eating2
Crew members Tayla and Sam enjoy some classic Camp cuisine

Whether you’re on the beach by the riverbank, hidden amongst the trees or at your favourite caravan park, camping brings endless possibilities for adventure. It creates traditions and lifelong memories with family and friends, and once you’ve got your routine down pat it’s easier every time.


We’re spoilt for choice on the beautiful places to pitch a tent, with great spots for just about any outdoor activity under the sun. Aside from swimming, hiking, fishing, biking and water sports, there’s plenty of relaxing to be had too. Wherever you choose to set up camp, the great outdoors provides the ideal environment to kick back while the kids get out there and explore on their own.

Go Camping Go Anywhere Hero
The Retreat 280 Module Tent with Compass Hub

Perfect for our family getaway. More than enough room for all our bags without feeling cramped. The standing room, storage and easy set-up make it a must have on any trip away.

Mia, Summit Club Member