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How to choose the right thermals

KMDMotion thermals camping

Want warmth and comfort, minus the bulk? It’s time to invest in some clever engineering and highly advanced technology — with your underwear.

When it comes to thermal underwear we’ve got you covered. Base layers have unique features to help you keep warm and get the most out of your activities — whether you're travelling, skiing, or curled up for the afternoon.

The following guide will get you started, but always consider your individual use, activity, and the other layers you're going to wear.

Thermals for everyday winter adventures

If your main aim is to hibernate and stay as cosy as possible, KMDCore thermals will do the trick.

How does it work?

KMDCore is made from polypropene (otherwise known as polypro) which consists of hollow fibres that work by trapping air in between themselves. This acts as a layer of insulation to provide you with outstanding warmth. Unlike wool, the fibres in polypro don’t absorb moisture; it wicks moisture away from your skin. It’s also lightweight, and quick to dry — ideal when it’s on the winter washing line.

Key benefit: WARM

Best base layer for: Everyday layering, camping, snoozing on the couch.

Thermals to keep you moving

Never want to get out of your long johns? KMDMotion is an ideal all season thermal — it’ll keep you warm, dry and smelling good — with a full range of movement to boot.

How does it work?

KMDMotion baselayers are made from a lightweight jersey knit and has a natural, soft feel for that next-to-skin comfort. It’s been especially engineered for freedom of movement so you can scramble, stretch, and high-kick all year round.

It also features permanent antimicrobial protection — that is, it’ll keep your body odour in check. You’ll smell nicer, for longer.

Key benefit: WARM & DRY

Best base layer for: Travel, camping, cold weather hiking.

Thermals for outdoor activities

Heading off to the ski fields? KMDAscent thermals are the perfect baselayer for outdoor activities in cool conditions.

How does it work?

We’ve blended synthetics and merino to create an exceptionally warm yet breathable base layer for changing mountain environments. Merino is naturally odour-resistant, but the inclusion of Polygeine will keep your fresher for longer. It’s lightweight too, an excellent choice when you’re going to work up a sweat.


Best base layer for: Alpine sports, cold weather hiking, and mountaineering.

Choosing the right thermals is all about ‘fit for purpose’. Consider your own comfort, what you want your thermals to do (besides keep you warm obviously), and how versatile they’ll be for you in the long run.