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How to wash a GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket

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Watch this video to see Kathmandu’s Product Information Advisor explain why and how often you should wash your GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket.

Washing your GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket

Following the care instructions, you can machine-wash your GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket in warm water (40°C) using a liquid detergent. Don't use fabric softener or chlorine bleach as it may damage your jacket. After washing, thoroughly rinse your GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket to remove all soap and detergent residues.

Watch this video to find out how you can wash your Kathmandu GORE-TEX® or NGX® waterproof jacket.

Dry-cleaning your GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket

If you choose to professionally dry-clean your GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket, request a clear distilled solvent for rinse and then spray a durable water-repellent treatment as per manufacturer's instructions.

Reactivating the water-repellent treatment in your GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket

All Kathmandu's GORE-TEX® and NGX® jackets come with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish. To reactivate the DWR treatment, simply steam-iron your GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket on a warm temperature, placing a towel or cloth between the garment and the iron.

Tumble-drying your GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket

You can tumble-dry your GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket on a warm temperature setting, which will also reactive the DWR. Always read the care instructions first.

Water-repellent treatment for your GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket

Over time, you may need to restore the water-repellent treatment by applying a DWR restorative spray-on treatment, available at your local Kathmandu store. We recommend a spray-on rather than wash-in, as the wash-in treatments can affect the garment's breathability.

Stain removal for GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket

To treat stains on your GORE-TEX® or NGX® jacket use the pre-wash cycle on your washing maching. If your washing machine doesn't have a pre-wash cycle, simply soak the garment in warm water with liquid detergent.

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