Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility


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Sustainable Practices

Workers’ Rights

Our number-one priority is promoting and protecting workers' rights in our supply chain and proactively working towards improving working conditions.

Product Stewardship

We are focused on understanding, controlling and communicating a product's environmental, health and safety effects throughout its lifecycle.

Operational Footprint

From store design to waste disposable and transportation, the way we run our store operations can have a significant environmental impact.


Community Partnerships

Through our strategic alignment with community organisations, we help inspire adventure and preserve the outdoors for future generations.

Adventure Sponsorship

Kathmandu provides sponsorship in the form of equipment, clothing and other gear to help our Summit Club members achieve extraordinary feats.

Reports & Policies

Reports & Policies

Read past sustainability reports and view our current policies relating to the sourcing of materials, including down and cotton.


Sustainability Timeline