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World events to visit in 2016

China's mid autumn festival

Spring has arrived! As 2017 draws ever closer, make the most of the last three months of the year with these exciting events across the globe.

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China's Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the September full moon. Throughout the month, Chinese people celebrate by feasting on Mooncake; a jelly-filled pastry centred by red bean paste. In addition to these sweet treats, September in China is also a great time to shop, as the mid-autumn sales commence. It is customary for people to visit friends and family, and with larger regions hosting traditional dragon and lion dances, there's always something to do. Even if you can’t be in Asia you can visit your nearest Chinatown to celebrate this awesome spectacle of Chinese culture.


Asia plays host to rev-heads from around the world in October, with the Singapore and Malaysia Formula One Grands Prix. While the Singapore GP is held at the iconic Marina Bay street circuit, F1 fans will need to travel to the Sepang circuit in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the Malaysian race. The F1 2016 season is heading into the home straight, so Singapore and Malaysia promise to be filled with action and drama. With a week between races, why not head to both and do some sightseeing in between?

Day of the Dead


Day of the Dead is widely celebrated throughout Latin America, but it truly comes alive – excuse the pun – in Mexico. Across the country, citizens create brightly coloured shrines commemorating their loved ones. Tourists can wander through the major cities and admire uniquely Mexican art, costumes and flavours, or visit outlying villages where bold theatrical performances depict the returning of the dead.

If you’re keen to get the blood pumping, why not take on the world’s largest marathon for amateurs and experienced athletes? Thousands of people descend upon New York for the city’s famed race, held on the first Sunday of November each year. While the event’s popularity means entry is done via a ballot system, fitness fanatics can earn their place by meeting a strict time qualification. Now in its 46th year, the New York City Marathon is an institution, with over a thousand competitors who have completed the race more than 15 times.


Spend summer down under and celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Gisborne Rhythm and Vines Festival. Held on Waihoka Estate on New Zealand’s North Island and limited to 15,000 people, the renowned Kiwi festival attracts over 100 local and international music acts each year. In addition to the music, expect awesome food, a fireworks display and even waterslides!